What is Webflow?

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In this blog, we are going to look at the web development platform that is taking the world by storm… Webflow! We will dive into what Webflow is, how it works, and just why it is such a significant change in the world of website design and development


What really is Webflow?

Webflow is a website design and development tool. It allows even users with little understanding of coding to create web platforms (pretty cool, right?). Complex designs are achievable through the use of Webflow’s tools, which include pre-built components and a trusty old “drag and drop” interface.

Webflow has got it all with features for e-commerce, SEO optimisation and marketing, and a content management system (CMS) to allow for simple management of website content. Sounds amazing right?!


Is Webflow Easy to Learn?

Good news… They built Webflow with easy use in mind! For those users with some basic familiarity with web design and/or development, Webflow can be pretty easy to pick up. However, for users wanting to become the bee’s knees with the platform, likely, a little extra work and commitment to learning about the tool will be required. Being familiar with HTML and CSS will give you a BIG helping hand, as this is all important for making your site responsive.


What’s great is that Webflow has kindly offered loads of amazing learning tools, such as video tutorials and a super handy community forum for further support, as well as comprehensive documentation for responsive design, how to use the CMS, etc. There is something for all learning styles, which we LOVE. The basics do not take long to learn at all, and in the view of vision design, it is so worth the extra bit of learning to get to know the platform inside out. The finished product will be a slick, professional, and responsive website. What more could you ask for?

Webflow build and design


What is Webflow Used For?

You can create an aesthetically pleasing, interactive website with Webflow (with no need for writing code from scratch, may we add!), create visual interaction and animations, manage your site content with Webflow built-in CMS (Content Management System), AND use its as its own hosting platform!



Webflow is now becoming the go-to web design and development application for freelancers and agencies. Its versatility, quick prototyping, and speedy deployment are proving to be very popular. Webflow’s premise is pretty simple: if something can be designed, it can be built too! As a creative web flow agency, this is music to our ears as it allows for complete customisation, meaning that when our creative juices get flowing, there is no stopping us!



Are there Templates for Webflow?

For those of you who would not class yourself as wizards in the web design and/or development world, we’re pleased to say that YES, Webflow offers templates. And loads of them at that! The variety of templates offered by Webflow is a great starting point AND they’re customizable. So you don’t have to start from scratch and you still get a shiny, unique site! Pretty cool, right? In addition, (“There’s more?!” we hear you ask), there is also a vast library full to the brim with pre-built features, including forms, navigation menus, and buttons for those all-important Calls to Action!



There is something to suit all budgets, as Webflow offers both free and paid templates, all designed by professional designers. As you probably guessed, the free templates offer more of a basic layout than the paid templates. This is a brilliant starting point, and your site will still stand out among a crowded landscape of websites. All templates within Webflow are user-friendly, making it easy as pie to create your new site. This is without needing to code a single thing. It is also important to add that they are all optimised for performance and speed too. Now they’re just spoiling us!



Are Webflow Courses Free?

Allow us to introduce you to Webflow University, an official learning platform that enables you to get to grips and become a master of this software! Whether web design and development is brand new to you, you’ve had a little dabble with it in the past, or you’re already a pro, you are bound to discover multiple courses that can help you along the way to improve your skills. Webflow University offers both free and paid courses, depending on how advanced you want your training to be.



The Webflow University free courses are all self-paced, so you can go at your own speed and learn around your prior commitments. The University’s paid courses offer a more thorough training programme and also include personalised coaching. The cost for the paid Webflow University modules varies from course to course, depending on the depth of training and the level of personalised coaching offered. For example, they currently price the Webflow 101 Crash Course at $99, whereas the Webflow Freelancer Crash Course is currently $299. All the courses on offer are SO informative.

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What is Webflow?

In this blog, we are going to look at the web development platform that is taking the world by storm… Webflow! We will dive into

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